Deep [ monitoring solutions ]

Advanced optical technology
for improved decision-making

Particle contamination

Particle contamination in oil lubrication systems is one of the main causes of wear and faults in critical machinery.

Specialists in condition-based maintenance

Atten[2] has spent over 20 years developing and implementing its patented technology based on optical sensors capable of measuring the condition of different fluids, the wear performance of machines and the state of degradation of the fluids we monitor.

The [ next step ] in monitoring solutions

Sensors and services tailored to
the most demanding engineering
and maintenance teams


Extensive range of sensors for multiple components, applications and industries. A sensor for every machine.



Our engineering team has helped hundreds of companies to identify where and how to install sensors.



We accompany our clients in extracting and analysing data for optimal decision-making.

Asset availability [ like never before ]

We develop condition monitoring solutions for your critical assets.

Extended [life-cycle]

OilWear ®

01. Optical technology

This unique technology applies advanced image analysis and artificial intelligence techniques, capable of counting particles to provide standardised information (ISO 4406) with such exclusive characteristics as distinguishing bubbles and analysing the form of particles and fluid degradation.

02. Particle analysis

Shape analysis to establish the root cause by means of a counter and bubble discriminator to monitor fluid degradation.

03. Success stories

Our goal is to offer our clients tangible value.