Advanced technology for your [ core business ]

[ Advanced ] solutions

Maintenance and condition
of your critical assets to
protect your core business

Our solutions allow you to [ see more ], [ see better ], [ see before anyone else ]. We avoid shutdowns, breakages, delays, and hence the loss of profitability. In short, they allow us to see further and address the maintenance and condition of your critical assets. Protecting your core business.

[ Advanced ] services

Managing our clients’ assets
as added value

We can provide the service of commissioning and integrating technology within our clients’ processes, ensuring the most beneficial solution, and guaranteeing a return on the investment

One of our priorities is for clients to have the know-how about the way our sensors operate and the information they provide. And we deliver training in the use of our devices, as well as analysis, interpretation and decision-making based on the data that the sensors supply. We also offer certified training in tribology and good lubrication practices.

At Atten2 we guarantee the quality control of 100% of the sensors fitted to machinery. Which is why we provide extended warranty cover, to offer our clients the utmost peace of mind. We likewise offer calibration and repairs for any sensors that so require, and a direct communication channel with experts in the technology, to address any concerns, needs and incidents that may arise.

We have a partnership in place with Lubrication Management to corroborate and supplement the information provided by our sensors. This laboratory handles more than 500 samples per day and boasts the international prestige to guarantee the excellence of our sampling service.

Aside from the traditional model of acquiring technology by purchasing the devices, at Atten2 we also provide the option of service and leasing agreements for our products. This not only guarantees operational continuity, but also firmware and hardware updates to the latest versions, allowing end users to employ the very latest technology on the market. The model, likewise, allows sensors to be replaced if any incident arises, or when the lease period is renewed.

In those cases where the client does not want to involve itself in reading and interpreting the data, we offer a remote monitoring service to track, diagnose and report the condition of any machines revealing some anomaly. The Atten2 IoT platform allows us to perform this monitoring and provide continuous technical support from technological specialists.

[ In-depth ] projects

Together we will transform
your challenges into opportunities

Our task goes beyond the production and sale of sensors and services; at Atten2 our business is to take on challenging projects. Projects that allow us to forge closer relationships with our clients, thanks to their scale and complexity, supporting them in the pre-engineering, installation and commissioning of sensors.

We have delivered bespoke solutions for prominent leaders in a range of industrial sectors, tailoring Atten2 solutions to their specific requirements. With our and our clients’ engineering teams working shoulder to shoulder.

Projects which vouch for the fact that Atten2 offers much more than sensors and particle counters. We go the extra mile, delivering productivity, savings and sustainability, at the cutting edge of the industrial world. We combine our optical technology with our capacity to undertake complex projects with a positive impact on industry.

At Atten2 we are committed to delivering concrete, tangible results. Our passion lies in providing comprehensive solutions that drive productivity, generate significant savings, promote sustainability and keep us ahead of the game. If you are looking for a strong, reliable partnership to take your projects to the next level, we invite you to join us on this journey towards industrial success.