[ Automotive ]

[ Real-time ] monitoring

Monitor the condition of assembly-line robots in real time and implement an effective and reliable [ condition monitoring ] system


  • Continuously monitor the state of gearing lubricant oil.
  • Cut costs by optimising lubricant changes.
  • Reduce inspection tasks.

Ultra cleaning

  • Track part cleaning quality by quantifying particles in the cleaning fluid.
  • Generate the ISO 16232 code trend.
  • Monitor the cleaning process and its dynamic performance.


  • Efficiently monitor press hydraulic systems.
  • Identify cavitation problems in the main pumps of the press hydraulic systems.
  • Conduct advanced conditional diagnosis of the transmission and main bearing of mechanical presses.
  • Monitor the condition of the press head separately, without any impact from inherent process accelerations and vibrations.
  • Monitor the condition of lubricant oil to optimise how often it is changed.

Hydraulic systems

  • Diagnose particle contamination problems hydraulic systems with high precision.
  • Significantly reduce failures in control valves.
  • Optimise hydraulic fluid lifespan by continuously monitoring its condition.
  • Improve filtering systems by monitoring fluid condition.


  • Significantly reduce lubricant replacement costs through continuous monitoring.
  • Precisely monitor the pattern of compressor wear.
  • Reduce the impact of failures in positive displacement compressors.
  • Measure the impact of compressor operation on machine condition.