[Deep monitoring]

[ Deep ] vision

A more in-depth view of measurements
and the dimension they take on

Pioneers in applying optical technology to fluid monitoring. Our solutions are more reliable, measure more parameters and help to locate machine failures by drawing on artificial intelligence and vision.

We specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of fluid monitoring solutions through our [ innovative optical technology ] underpinned by cutting-edge software, data analysis and machine learning in highly critical industrial environments.

We measure lubricant condition and quality from [ a deeper perspective ], revolutionising the concept of predictive maintenance: [ See more ], [ see better ], [ see before anyone else ].

We avoid shutdowns, breakages, delays, and hence loss of profits, while also providing useful and precise information, allowing our clients to achieve [ a new dimension ] in production and maintenance. We offer [ the first dive ] into the digitalisation of connected industrial processes.

Revolutionising predictive
maintenance worldwide

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