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Atten2, advanced data for the digitalisation of industrial maintenance

The economy as a whole is undergoing serious changes in our days lead by the development of new and innovative information technologies which are bringing about profound transformations, not only to the big players in their respective sectors; but also leveraging the small and medium players to complete and even disrupt industries once thought consolidated or mature.

In the industrial sector, the introduction of these technologies is leading to a paradigm shift known as Industry 4.0 or industrial digitalisation. This is embodied in the move towards smart factories in which equipment is interconnected, enabling you to obtain more thorough information concerning production processes.

Communication and information technologies allow you to install smart sensors and data capture systems in machines, so that it is possible to monitor the status and performance of the equipment and processes in a completely secure manner and in real time. The lubrication oil monitoring systems developed by Atten2 can be placed within this framework.

Data for informed decision making

Atten2’s monitoring and data collection systems provide precise information that allows you to optimise, improve and save on the costs inherent to industrial processes.

Atten2 sensors allow you to monitor in real time the condition of the oil and this makes it possible to go a step further with regard to predictive maintenance tactics: it enables you to make informed decisions about the oil change, based on accurate data with regard to its condition, and not on a provisional guideline provided by the manufacturer. This in turn enables you to prolong its useful life and leads to significant savings in production plants.

It also provides precise information about the condition of the machinery itself by means of counting and identifying the particles suspended in the oil. The interpretation of this data makes it possible to carry out a diagnostic of the operating condition of the machinery and to adopt proactive measures to improve its performance and prolong its useful life.

The capabilities of the Atten2 sensor system, a unique technology on the market, allow you to anticipate potential faults in the critical machinery and thus avoid undesired production stoppages, as well as to maximise the useful life cycle of the lubrication oil.

New data every two minutes

The advance of cloud services, understood as a network of remote servers that function as a single ecosystem, has made it possible to collect and manage data in real time and from multiple locations.

Atten2 uses these developments as a basis in order to obtain and process the data obtained by its sensors at the moment they are generated and directly from the factories in which their technology is implemented. Currently, the Atten2 infrastructure generates pertinent visualisations and new data to be interpreted every two minutes.

The company has specialised databases, called time series, which are also hosted in the cloud and which enable an advanced analysis of the data. Using this resource, which collects data such as the amount of particles, differentiated by shape and size, bubbles or oil quality, the system can generate trends that allow us to infer what the future performance of machinery will be. Based on this data, measures can be adopted that correct or minimise a potentially harmful trend or postpone scheduled maintenance tasks that require stopping a machine, based on the current state of the machine.

Connection with the operation data

The Atten2 system is configured with the ability to connect the data obtained by its sensors to complementary data: that coming from the operation of the machine. The crossing of these two sources of information provides a broader spectrum of analysis that allows you to link the data obtained by the sensor with the operating conditions of the machinery.

The data relation makes it possible, for example, to discern whether an accelerated deterioration in the lubrication oil is due to a period of high performance of the machine or if it has another cause unrelated to production.

Machine Learning

Atten2 sensors’ data capture provides benefits both in the short term and in the longer term. In the short term, updating data and displaying it every two minutes makes it possible to react quickly to potential crises. However, that information is also being gathered in the cloud and, with each implementation, the platform gains a more thorough knowledge regarding the performance of the machine that is being monitored.

This process, called machine learning, allows you to generate an operational history and determine a machine’s normal patterns of behaviour and, therefore, to refine the interpretation of future data and better detect anomalous values.

Customised solutions which are cyber secure

Atten2 also has the flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs when implementing their technology. They have the capacity both to provide all the necessary resources for the collection of data and to fit or add to existing systems in the production plants. The company’s technical experts are responsible for the installation and implementation of all of the possible solutions.

Finally, Atten2 entrusts leading providers in order to ensure the cyber security of communications. Specifically, it has the support of Microsoft, its cloud solution provider, to ensure that the transmission of data from the source to the platform in the cloud is subject to the strictest cyber security criteria.

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